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Peter Cochran – Owner

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Isaac Ramos – Owner

We Are High Desert Property Solutions and We Buy Houses in Albuquerque and the Surrounding New Mexico Area!

High Desert Property Solutions was founded on a simple idea: we care about building relationships. We are cash home buyers who understand the sentimental value that may be attached to your house. We also appreciate that you want the selling process to be as easy and worry-free as possible. That’s why we provide personalized customer service designed to help you sell your home fast and we buy houses in a legitimate and professional manner.

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From our headquarters in Albuquerque, our team of New Mexico cash home buyers brings years of home buying expertise to make selling your house fast a simple and hassle-free process. As a multi-service company that buys, repairs and sells properties in New Mexico, we have years of experience in helping sellers with fast home sales, and in offering prime investment opportunities to a large network of real estate buyers.

Our Business is to Buy Homes in Albuquerque and the Surrounding Area

We are legitimate house buyers in Albuquerque that offer cash for your house anywhere in New Mexico. If you have a house for sale in ABQ and are in need of a serious team that will do their best to give you the maximum possible offer, it cost you literally nothing to have us give you a no obligation to accept, all cash offer for your house. Our services are 100% free.

HDPS Articles of Organization for Business License in New Mexico
HDPS Articles of Organization for Business License in Albuquerque

We Are BBB Accredited and A+ Rated Cash Home Buyers!

As you can see, we do things the right way which is evident through all of our positive reviews and accreditations. We take pride in our website, marketing materials, and referrals.

You can rest assured that when you call us or fill out our form you will receive a fair offer on your house in Albuquerque based on market value and repairs needed. We will also do everything possible to close on your property (and get you your cash in your hand) as soon as possible!

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Meet the High Desert Property Solutions Team

We’ve got over 25 years of experience as “we buy houses” home buyers in the Albuquerque and Greater New Mexico area!

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Peter Cochran – Chief Problem Solver

The “Solutions” in our name starts with Peter. Since 2012, he has dedicated his professional life to buying and selling homes in the Albuquerque. With 15+ years of cash home buyer experience, there is virtually no situation Peter hasn’t come across, which is great for you! No matter your situation or house condition, Peter will be able to work with you to find an ideal solution!

Peter and his partner, Stasia, are proud parents of three awesome dogs — Wally, Ally, and Hazel. They live in NE Albuquerque and enjoy spending time playing sports and giving back to their community as High School coaches!

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Isaac Ramos – Home Selling Process Expert

Isaac works hard to maintain a competitive edge for our company. He’s responsible for our website, all of our marketing, ads, and the processes we’ll use to get our sellers top dollar for houses we buy! He’s been in this business for 10+ years, so you can be confident that the systems he has developed will ensure nothing about your house, or deal with us, will fall through the cracks.

When Isaac isn’t working, he’s enjoying spending time with his wife, Kristin, and their two boys 👶🏽👦🏽

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Cristina Shore – The Deal Maker

Cristina who you will first speak with when you call us to get a cash offer for your home. She loves talking to people and getting an understanding of their situation so that she can come up with the best deal possible. She’s been with the company for 7 years and is her role is constantly expanding, we’re so happy to have her on our cash home buyer team!

With a husband and three busy kids, she enjoys spending time with her family, dancing with her adult all levels troop, or burying her head in a good book, but is never to busy to speak to our sellers. 🙃

We Buy Houses and are a Legit Physical Presence in Albuquerque

When you’re looking for the best we buy houses company to sell to, be sure to check out if they are even real! 🤔 Many of these companies in the Albuquerque and Central New Mexico area are operating as “virtual offices.” They either do not exist locally, or they are not reputable enough to invest in a physical presence like us where we can meet you, our Seller, to discuss the specific details of your situation.

We Are Located at 6705 Academy Rd NE Suite A

Come See Us Anytime!

Of course, if you’d like to complete a deal fully remote or are more comfortable communicating only over the phone/email/text/etc…. that’s fine by us, we work this way all the time, but we promise you will have the option to meet, shake hands, and personally know who you are doing business with.

Isaac and Cristina Sitting at Desk in Office off Academy
Peter Sitting at Desk in Office off Academy