How to Sell Your House In New Mexico Fast For Cash?

We buy houses as-is in 4 Simple Steps. Once we get your info, we’re usually able to make you a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours. From there, we can close as quickly as 7 days … or on your schedule.

Selling is easier than you think.

If you sell your house to High Desert Property Solutions, you will benefit from our ability to offer no real estate agent expenses, no commission, no closing costs, no required repairs, and no long closing time-frames!

How to Sell Your House to High Desert Property Solutions

How to Sell Your House to High Desert Property Solutions - Step 1: Submit your information for cash offer analysis.
Step 1

Submit your information for cash offer analysis.

Call or Complete the Online Form

Simply pick up the telephone and call 505-388-0333 or complete the online seller information form below. All of the information you give us will be held in confidence. Please feel free to call us anytime, 24 hours a day. If you get our voicemail, leave us a message and we’ll call you right back.

How to Sell Your House to High Desert Property Solutions - Step 2: We will contact you to discuss the offer.
Step 2

We will contact you to discuss the offer.

Discuss Property and Gather Information

During our initial conversation, we will need to ask some basic questions about your property. We will gather the facts and focus on getting the information we need to start formulating an offer that works for you. In most cases, we can gather this information in a single telephone call. Then, we quickly do our analysis and prepare your offer.

How to Sell Your House to High Desert Property Solutions - Step 3: You review the terms of the agreement.
Step 3

You review the terms of the agreement.

Receive Your Written Offer and Contract

Within a matter of days, and sometimes hours, High Desert Property Solutions can present you written offer to buy your house. We will present these offers to you in clear and easy to understand terms. Our commitment to you is to make this process as easy and efficient as possible. We strive to provide creative solutions for your specific real estate needs.

How to Sell Your House to High Desert Property Solutions - Step 4: We close, and you have cash in hand.
Step 4

We close, and you have cash in hand.
It’s that simple!

Get Paid!

At this point, we have to come an agreement, and you have realized that we are able to pay all cash with no contingencies. You have also seen that we work on your timetable rather than an unpredictable real estate market. You tell us when you want to close, and we will work around your schedule. It’s that easy! Just fill out the seller inquiry form below to get started, and we will contact you soon!

How to Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent

Often times we are able to offer sellers thousands more than if they sold their house via the traditional “list, wait, and see” process. This is possible because we are real estate investors, meaning we do not need to charge transaction fees and have no commissions. Also, we’ve cultivated a deep and broad network of buyers who are looking for homes just like yours! Check out the comparison we’ve laid out below if you’re wondering how to sell your house to a cash home buyer like us while still making more money than if you sell through a real estate agent! This is an example “cash-out” situation from a real deal!

Comparison Between Selling Through a Realtor vs Selling to High Desert Property Solutions Cash Home Buyers

How We Calculate the Best Cash Offer to Sell Your House

Full Transparency

“How to sell your house and how much will I get paid?”  This is usually what everyone is most eager to know. For good reason, you want to get a fair price! So let’s break down how it works when we calculate how much we can actually pay.

We use a simple formula. There are 3 different parts of the formula and we’ll cover what each part means and how we calculate them, but let’s first take a look at the overall formula

How we calculate our cash offer to buy your house:


After Repair Value (ARV) — Repairs — Our Profit

Calculating Your Cash Offer

Let’s break down each of the 3 different parts of the formula, one by one…

After Repair Value (ARV)
This is the value of your house assuming the condition would meet the expectations of a retail buyer or renter in our current market. Consider upgrades like granite countertops, landscaping, wood/tile flooring, new roof and windows, etc… What repairs would you require if you were buying the house new to you and moving your family in?

See the upgrades mentioned above? Well, it takes a repair budget to get there. In today’s market, labor and repairs are as expensive as ever… But don’t worry, we know folks who can help keep things as cost effective as possible! That said, it’s not unheard of for kitchen remodels to be $10,000+, and that new roof… you’re looking at $20,000. With High Desert Property Solutions, when we buy houses, you’ll never have to pay for repairs out of pocket, the cost of repairs is baked into our offer and that is this part of the formula.

Our Profit
Let’s be totally honest, we are in business to make money. Our Company consists of some pretty amazing people who have beautiful families that we’re working hard to provide for. We’re not trying to get rich here, but our offer will include profit to keep our lights on. Hopefully our years of experience keeping ARV’s high and repairs low can offset this as much as possible!

How It Works

So we start with what we can potentially resell the property for (“ARV”), then deduct all of the repair costs and subtract out our profit… what is left is our maximum allowable offer – what we offer you for your piece of real estate 💰!

Extra Details About How to Sell Your House with Our Process

We are NOT real estate agents trying to sell your house. We buy without agents, so you will NOT pay commissions!

We purchase properties in any condition – no matter what’s wrong with the home, you don’t have to fix anything or even clean it.

We pay for ALL of the closing costs and fees to sell. There are no fees for you whatsoever.

We pay cash – this way there are no hassles like working with a bank and doing inspections or appraisals.

We can close fast or on your timetable – no matter how fast or slow you need!

We buy “creatively” – when a cash offer isn’t the right option for you, this is a great way that we can pay more if you are willing to take the money over time.

How Quickly Can You Get Money in Your Hand?

This is completely up to you! How quickly do you need to sell? We move as fast as you need, or as slowly.  Our goal is to make the deal work for you, so we can be as adaptable as you need. There are two parts to how it works…

How Long to Get an Offer for Your House?

If you’re interested in how to sell your house as quickly as possible, look no further! We can give you an offer as soon as 30 minutes after getting your information. The offer will still be contingent on viewing the property but if you need something more certain, we can be out to meet you within a day if you need and make an offer right on the spot. We truly work on your schedule.

How Long to Get Paid for Your House?

Again, this is going to be up to you! Are you trying to do a quick close and have your money in 7 days? No problem. Or, maybe you need 60-90 days so you can find a new home and get your ducks in a row before you relocate? It makes no difference to us! We’re adaptive and will line the deal up so its convenient for you.

Why Our Offers Are Better

We know you’ve got a few options if you’re looking for a “we buy houses” company in the Albuquerque area, so why work with us? Here are 3 reasons that make us High Desert Property Solutions stand apart from the competition.

1 – We’re a Family Owned Business

We’re proud of the HDPS difference, and proud of being different from traditional real estate agents and realtors. Benefits of working with us include:

Cash paid cash directly to you
We clear title, negotiate with lien holders, and resolve any outstanding items with attorneys.
We’ll assist with your move and help you find a new home for free.

High Desert Property Solutions Family Photo | Albuquerque "Cash Offer" Home Buyers Ready Buy Your House

2 – We’ve Got Great Reviews and Stand Behind Our Reputation

The difference between us and other companies that buy houses is that we see the opportunity as much more than a business transaction. To us, it’s a personal commitment. Customers who have worked with us tell us that our approach and personalized service, including things as simple as actually answering and returning your phone calls, goes above and beyond all others.

Positive Reviews on Google and Facebook From People Wondering How to Sell Your House

3 – We’re 100% Transparent About our Process and How it Works

Let Us Make A Cash Offer to Buy Your House | Close Fast to Sell Your House | We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

See, the reason our offers are so fantastic, is because our offers are based on the value of your house as if it were completely fixed up and updated. Yes we figure out how much your house would be worth if it was completely updated.  Then we factor in the cost it would take to fix or update your home.

Selling your house on the traditional real estate market can be time consuming and costly. We buy your house regardless of its condition and focus on ways to sell your house right now! There is simply no better or easier way to sell your house. See the comparison between High Desert Property Solutions and a traditional realtor-listing sale above, not only can HDPS cash you out faster, we can often net you thousands more!

People Love Us, Our Reviews Are Great!

We promise you won’t find another cash home-buying company in Albuquerque with as many positive reviews as us. Over the years, we have developed a track record of success and pride ourselves on being a reliable company that you can count on when you get a cash offer to buy your house. Before you sell your house to anyone else, make sure to take a look at our reviews page to see what our happy customers have to say.

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Common Questions When Selling Your House to an Investor

Real estate agents “list” properties. They charge you a commission to sell your property. There are no guarantees if, when and how much your property will sell for. According to the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors, the average property can take months to sell. Some properties take over a year, especially in today’s real estate market! This uncertainty causes great stress and anxiety. Usually not until the day your property sells and you get your check, do you even know exactly how much you’re going to receive. We are professional homebuyers. We do not “list” properties, we buy them. We do not charge any fees or commissions. Often within 24 to 48 hours we can make you a fast cash offer, and usually within ten days or sooner you can have your money! We can relieve your stress, and we want you to have a hassle-free, pain-free sale! Call us at (505) 123-1234 hours/seven days a week or complete our online form.

Please do not confuse what a real estate agent tells you is the value of your property, with how much money you will actually put in your pocket if and when the property sells. First of all, it is quite common for a home or property to sell for 5 to 10 percent less than what the real estate agent lists it for. Secondly, when using real estate agents, it not uncommon that you as the seller, will probably be required to do a number of repairs to satisfy the buyer. These repairs often cost thousands of dollars. Third, do not forget your holding costs (your loan payments and the cost of your money tied up in the property, which could be making you money, somewhere else). Finally there are commissions to the agent, which can be 7 percent, and your closing costs, which can be as much as 3 percent.

High Desert Property Solutions has the flexibility to offer you a number of personalized purchasing programs. We have our own methods and formulas to determine how much we can pay for a home or property. All of our methods allow you to benefit from the fastest possible sale and to sell your property without doing any work or repairs. How much HDPS can pay for your home or property will be based on many factors. These include the condition and repairs needed, the time factor, whether you need to be cashed out, or if a creative solution can be achieved.

No, we buy homes “as is” and will make all necessary repairs.

The closing date depends upon your unique situation, but in most cases we can close in ten days or less.

It does not matter if your home is listed with a real estate agent. We can make you an offer even if your home is listed.

Yes, many times banks and mortgage companies will accept less than what is owed on your mortgage. Just complete the online Seller Inquiry form linked below any page of our website, and a High Desert Property Solutions acquisitions manager will contact you to discuss the options available to you.

In most cases, you will receive an offer from a High Desert Property Solutions acquisitions manager within 24-48 hours.

You have no obligation or risk to let your High Desert Property Solutions acquisitions manager access your property and particular situation. They will however, at no charge, fee, or commission, present you with a positive solution agreeable for both of you. Call us at (505) 585-2912 hours/seven days a week or complete our online Seller Inquiry form. We can help!

Over the last 10 years, we’ve bought dozens (possibly even hundreds!) of houses in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and the surrounding New Mexico area.  What we do with them?  Simple.  We buy them with the intent of making a profit.  Sometime we buy and rehab, sometimes we buy and place tenants, and sometimes we buy and subsequently (or simultaneously) sell.  We refurbish and bring new life to neighborhoods. Good for the people, good for the economy, good for everyone!

Want to See Some Houses We’ve Bought?

Our process works! Here are real examples of houses we’ve bought in the Albuquerque area, and how we helped each family. Each seller’s situation is different since each seller is different. That’s the great part about working with us, we create a custom offer that works for you!

Walker Dr NE, Albuquerque NM 87112

High Desert Property Solutions -- Albuquerque New Mexico NE Heights -- Property Renovation Before and After Comparison -- Kitchen

A lovely women and her daughter had lived in this house for many years when, unfortunately, the maintenance and upkeep got away from them. Simultaneously, they realized that they had some unpaid debts (taxes, loans, etc.) against the property and a lender was threatening foreclosure. If the lender had succeeded with the foreclosure, they would have lost the house and any equity they had. Fortunately, we engaged a local Albuquerque attorney on their behalf, who helped navigate a “quiet title” process and settled all unpaid debts against the property. In the end, we were able to purchase the property from them, pay a modest amount of excess, and even get them cash before they moved out (this is called possession after closing). They used the cash to find a nearby apartment and his the “reset” button!

Corona Ave NE, Albuquerque NM 87122

High Desert Property Solutions -- Albuquerque New Mexico NE Heights -- Property Renovation Before and After Comparison -- Bathroom

The sellers of this house contacted us and wanted to work with a “we buy houses” company rather than a real estate agent. Their reasoning was related to privacy, as they were adamantly against having random strangers walking through the house they were living in while a random real estate agent was showing them around. Additionally, they were nurses and worked a night shift at a local hospital, so any showings (or communication) in the middle of the day would have mean no sleep! 😴 We did 95% of the negotiation and home buying over the phone. And while, yes, we did eventually need to get in and see the house, but that point it was largely a formality. We had already agreed on a fair offer and price to buy their house. This example shows that not only do we buy houses that are “not pretty” but we buy all types of houses in all types of neighborhoods!

Latir Mesa NW, Albuquerque NM 87114

High Desert Property Solutions -- Albuquerque New Mexico NE Heights -- Property Renovation Before and After Comparison -- Kitchen

Tamela called us and said our “offer was a lifesaver.” They were behind on taxes by more than $10,000 ☹️. She explained that she bought the home with her first husband, who tragically passed away, and she did not realize they needed to pay taxes for 6 years. At the same time, her kids had grown and she, along with her new husband, were ready to downsize. She described two goals in working with us. First, a desire to use the proceeds from selling this house to make a substantial downpayment on a new house. Second, she wanted to spend one last Christmas in the house (she called us in October) with her family before moving out after the end of the year. Accomplishing both of these goals was no problem for us! Our offer was completely fair and she had plenty to buy a new house, plus, we rented it back to her for a few months until she found her new dream home! This deal was a true win-win for everybody!

Freedom Way NE, Albuquerque NM 87109

High Desert Property Solutions -- Albuquerque New Mexico NE Heights -- Property Renovation Before and After Comparison -- Front of House

Kris reached out because he was getting ready to make a cross-country move for work. He had just gotten a new job and was earning a good salary, but needed to be able to buy a house in another state which required a “sure thing” sale of his house here in Albuquerque to an investor home buyer group like us. He was not as concerned with getting “top dollar” as he was with making sure the deal did not fall through and he didn’t have to coddle a first-time home buyer through things like inspections, negotiations, etc… We were able to work with his timeline and make it as seamless for him as possible. He was swamped with work and a pending move, so we took care of all the hard stuff — handled all the closing logistics, all the clean-up, and of course we did all of the repairs!