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Hoping to Sell an Inherited House, Probate House, or Estate?

If you have recently inherited, or you may inherit, a house in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or the surrounding areas, and you are hoping to sell, we should talk! Selling an inherited or probate property in New Mexico can be a difficult and time-consuming undertaking. However, it doesn’t have to be…

We buy inherited houses, and we buy probate houses, all the time. So when you’re ready, we are ready to buy your house too. Although the inherited property and probate process can take a while in New Mexico, it’s never too early to reach out. Submit our Seller Inquiry form or give us a call today! We can put you in contact with local professionals who specialize in the probate process, or get you a tentative offer to buy your house as-is for cash. When the probate process is complete and you are ready to sell, all we will need to do is sign the paperwork!

We are High Desert Property Solutions and we buy inherited houses FAST, in any condition and in any situation. We can pay cash and close on the date of your choice.

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Sadly, families in New Mexico are often faced with the difficult decisions that follow the loss of a loved one. Among the most challenging and time-consuming is navigating the murky waters of probate, especially when the departed family member has left behind a home that they owned which needs to be sold. The family may be left wondering if they can sell the inherited house in New Mexico.


We buy houses in any condition! No realtors, no fees, no repairs, no cleaning. Find Out How Much We Can Offer For Your House!

What is Probate?

Probate is a legal process that formally transfers assets from a deceased individual to their beneficiaries. When a loved one passes away, their property does not immediately go to their descendants the second they draw their last breath. Rather, the court reviews the assets of the estate, pays off any debtors, and makes sure there are no irregularities in the will.

Inheriting a House or Property in New Mexico (The Probate Process)

Wondering what you can you expect when selling a New Mexico property during probate? Most often, probate Sellers need to follow certain steps when selling an estate they are inheriting. No matter where you are in this process, it’s never too early to reach out! We can put you in contact with local professionals (attorneys, etc.) who specialize in the probate and estates, and provide an initial offer to buy your house as-is for cash while we wait.

Steps to Selling an Inherited House via Probate in New Mexico.

Please note, we are not attorneys, and the following high-level steps are not a guide. We cannot and do not offer legal advice of any kind. We are real estate investors interested in making an offer to buy your house. If you have legal or probate questions, we encourage you to contact a probate attorney and perform additional research, using links at the bottom of this page.

How to Sell Your House to High Desert Property Solutions - Step 1: Submit your information for cash offer analysis.
Step 1

Open Probate in New Mexico

The first thing probate sellers need to do is work with the local court to begin the process. If you try to sell the property in the estate without first opening probate, you may not be in the clear legally. In general, when we buy probate houses, title companies will request to see a formal probate case.

How to Sell Your House to High Desert Property Solutions - Step 2: We will contact you to discuss the offer.
Step 2

Wait for the court to confirm a personal representative or executor.

If the deceased left estate planning documents or a trust, there is a chance that they might have already selected someone as a personal representative. Otherwise, the state may appoint a personal representative for them. Perhaps that person will be you. This is the only person with the legal authority to handle sales in probate, so they need to be appointed before proceeding. When we buy inherited houses, this is also the most appropriate person to give us a call.

How to Sell Your House to High Desert Property Solutions - Step 3: You review the terms of the agreement.
Step 3

The personal representative will determine their ability to sell the property on behalf of the estate.

This step may include collecting and reviewing outstanding debts/equities, notifying heirs of a potential sale, or handling other administrative duties associated with a sale. This is the step where we are able to jointly sign a purchase agreement to buy your probate or inherited house.

How to Sell Your House to High Desert Property Solutions - Step 4: We close, and you have cash in hand.
Step 4

Sell the property.

The transaction can finally be completed. In some situations, the court might set rules on how the transaction must proceed. The home might have to be sold for a certain amount of money, or there may be a time limit on how long the property is listed.

When You Are Ready to Sell an Inherited House in Albuquerque

We are here to help be a part of a delicate situation which involves needing to sell an inherited house fast or selling a house fast for cash during or after probate. Remember, as local legitimate New Mexico cash home buyers, we buy inherited houses, and we buy probate houses.

We’re ready to go above and beyond to provide you the best “cash for your house” experience when selling an estate. When we buy inherited houses we can also offer extra help like:

Avoiding extended vacancy

Help with moving, cleanup, and storing possessions

Coordinating with siblings or other family members who do not communicate with one another

Closing on the most convenient date of your choice

High Desert Property Solutions Family Photo | Albuquerque "We Buy Houses" Home Buyers Ready to Go Above and Beyond

We are a family oriented small business who prides ourselves in being able to help if you hope to sell your house. Once you have begun working the probate procedure, you can sell the home as-is and get it out of your hands quickly.

Albuquerque Inherited Estate Home Buyer Reviews

You’d be hard pressed to find a local inherited probate estate home buying investor company in Albuquerque with as many positive reviews as us. Over the years, we have developed a track record of success and pride ourselves on being a reliable company that you can count on when seeking to sell your house directly. Before you sell your house to anyone else, make sure to take a look at our reviews pages to see what our happy customers have to say.

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Need to Sell an Inherited House Fast Before, During, or After Probate?

We can help. Here are some examples of recent unique situations involving houses we have purchased and the benefits of working with full time cash home buyers who specialize in buying inherited houses.

Inherited house fallen into disrepair due to age, illness, or other reasons.

Remember, we buy inherited houses as-is. Our offer will not be contingent on you making any repairs.

Probate took a long time. House was left vacant for an extended period after passing.

The high-desert environment in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the surrounding area can take a toll on property that needs to be sold after probate. We have crews and contractors who specialize in restoring your inherited house to its former glory after we have purchased.

A sudden an untimely death resulted in an inherited house that needs to be cleaned of personal possessions or property.

You won’t have to clean up any messes or possessions, unless you want to. Being local to NM, we’re able to address any clean up that needs to occur, and our offer to buy your house will not require you cleaning it up first.

Sell an inherited house but do not live in the local Albuquerque or New Mexico area.

This is probably the most common occurrence we work with when we buy inherited or probate properties. If you live elsewhere, we’re happy to work remotely. We will make an offer over the phone, sign all the paperwork digitally, and you’ll be able to close without ever having to be physically present!

The Best Way To Sell Your Inherited House For Cash in Albuquerque

Selling an inherited house during or after probate can add a lot of stress to an already difficult situation. We hope our resources are able to make things easier for you to understand, and better prepared you for the task at hand.

If you are thinking about selling your inherited house in New Mexico, we invite you to contact us for a free, no-pressure, no-obligation discussion. We buy probate houses and we buy inherited houses, even with an outstanding mortgage or lien, and even if the house is in need of major repairs.